Approaches to Automatic Quality Estimation of Manual Translations in Crowdsourcing Parallel Corpora Development: A Quality Equivalence and Cohort-Consensus Approach

We address the topic of metrics and approaches to automatic quality analysis and validation of sentence translations when manually developing a parallel corpus of translations. We focus specifically on the crowdsourcing-centered approach. We propose a set of metrics which provide the corpus developers with translation quality estimates. These estimates are particularly necessary when, due to the particular circumstances of the data collection, the quality of the translation provided is expected to vary significantly from person to person as well as from sentence to sentence. Our approach is based on the concept of quality equivalence and cohort-consensus. We also describe our experience and results using our proposed metrics when developing a large parallel corpus in a crowdsourcing approach.

By: Juan M. Huerta

Published in: RC25031 in 2010


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