Blue Water: A Common Platform to Put Water Quality Data in India to Productive Use by Integrating Historical and Real-time Sensing Data

Water is unique in its role as a life preserver. It is important to all members of
a society. However, if one is looking for quality data in India to make data-driven decisions, one is lost. This is surprising given that there is a rich history of
data collection in the country and looks forward to adopting real-time water
sensing in a big way. In this paper, we first explore issues around
data management practices for water that have prevented their
widespread dissemination and then, in response,
propose a general data access and reuse framework which focuses
on usage of water information for a purpose like irrigation, drinking or industrial need.We illustrate our approach through a prototype accessible as a mobile app
and from a web site. This framework titled as 'Blue Water' would serve as a
common data integration platform for historical as well as real-time sensing
data, and for the latter, we also present details for development of a
real-time Non-Stationery Water Quality Sensing Tool.

By: Sandeep Sandha, Sukanya Randhawa, Biplav Srivastava

Published in: RI15002 in 2015


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