Extending the Enterprise Service Bus for Digital Media

Offline digital media processes such as media production and distribution are evolving rapidly to enhance process automation and management and to cope with the proliferation of new formats and distribution channels. The adoption of web services as building blocks for developing increasingly complex media processes is an important step toward reuse of media processing tools. At the same time, the adoption of the Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) pattern provides a single point of integration for multiple services and provides common features such as service publishing and discovery, reliable message delivery and transformation. In this paper, we present an approach to extend the concept of ESB to support offline digital media processes. A key aspect of this technique is the combination of high-level abstract service composition and dynamic composition for adapting the abstract processes at run-time based on the specific multimedia objects exchanged during the execution. Since the abstract process defined on the extended ESB is sensitive to media formats and transport protocols, this approach reduces the complexity of creating flexible media processes.

By: Paolo Dettori; Julio Nogima; Frank Schaffa

Published in: RC24274 in 2007


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