A Light Scale Concept Ontology for Multimedia Understanding for TRECVID 2005

Our aim is to break down the semantic space using a small number of concepts. Since the number of concepts is supposed to be limited to around 50, it is not possible to adopt a depth first approach. One way to leverage such a small number of concepts for dividing the semantic space is to create a multi-dimensional space, where each dimension is nearly orthogonal. Each dimension can then be assigned a small number of concepts. This will achieve the effect of dividing the semantic space into a large number of hypercubes. The hope is that with N dimensions each with NM concept along the Nth dimension, the space can be partitioned into N1*N2*...*NM hypercubes.

By: Milind R. Naphade; Lyndon Kennedy; John R. Kender; Shih-Fu Chang; John R. Smith; Paul Over; Alex Hauptmann

Published in: RC23612 in 2005


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