Hybrid Model for VoIP Embedded Application

The enterprise telephone system, regardless it is a regular Telco based phone system or the VoIP phone system, currently is independent of the enterprise applications. It is very desired to closely integrate the voice communication as an integral part into enterprise applications. The combination of VoIP softphone and SIP protocol has been promised to provide a link for such purpose, but with a limited acceptance of enterprise usage. Besides the voice quality (delay, jitter, echo), user interface and user experience reasons (talk to PC), it is mainly due to the current IT infrastructure (e.g., NAT, VPN and firewall) unfriendly to both SIP control messages and media data, which is posing challenges to its pervasive availability. This paper proposes a hybrid system architecture for seamlessly integrating the voice communication into the enterprise application using the standard SIP infrastructure and the existing telephone infrastructure. This hybrid system embeds the voice communication control in the enterprise applications using the standard SIP protocol, enabling enterprise applications to closely integrate regular tele phones and
VoIP hard phone devices for voice communication. Built on this hybrid architecture, an illustrated VoIP enabled instant messaging enterprise application is also prototyped and reported.

By: Zon-Yin Shae, Xiping Wang

Published in: RC22822 in 2003


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