Recent Applications of IBM's Query by Image Content (QBIC)

        The QBIC project at IBM's Almaden Research Center is studying methods to query large on-line image databases using the images' content as the basis of the queries. Examples of the content include color, color layout, texture, shape, size, orientation, and position of image objects and regions. We have developed an AIX prototype, WWW QBIC server with WWW demo, and a product called Ultimedia Manager (OS/2 and Windows). The key applications of this technology are in the areas where image patterns are the basis of the queries, and where keywords are not precise enough for satisfactory retrieval, such as in on-line stock photo, retail, art etc. In this paper we briefly outline several recent applications of QBIC, SEDONA Systems Corporation, PIP Printing and IBM announced an application where QBIC is used to help the user find images to be included in documents remotely printed in high resolution and quality, IBM in the UK developed an advisor to textile designers;

By: Dragutin Petkovic, Wayne Niblack, Myron Flickner, David Steele, Denis Lee, John Yin, James Hafner, Frank Tung (IBM Santa Teresa Lab.), Harold Treat (IBM Santa Teresa Lab.), Richard Dow (IBM Santa Teresa Lab.), May Gee (IBM Santa Teresa Lab.), Mimi Vo (IBM Santa Teresa Lab.), Peter Vo (IBM Santa Teresa Lab.), Bonnie Holt (UC Davis), Janet Hethorn (UC Davis), Kenneth Weiss (UC Davis), Peter Elliott (IBM Applied Science & Technology, UK), Colin Bird (IBM Applied Science & Technology, UK)

Published in: RJ10006 in 1996

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