RESERVOIR - An ICT Infrastructure for Reliable and Effective Delivery of Services as Utilities

The future internet of services is expected to be a key enabler in a service oriented economy. Current trends in internet applications, such as eBay, YouTube or, are characterised by on demand delivery of ever growing amounts of content. Current internet technology is being pushed to its limits. The future internet of services will have to deliver content intensive applications to users with quality of service and security guarantees. This paper describes an ICT infrastructure for reliable and effective delivery of services as utilities in commercial scenarios. It starts by discussing the requirements of the future infrastructure for hosting these services. The paper then introduces a service oriented architecture that combines virtualisation-aware grid with grid-aware virtualisation, while being driven by business service management. Business service management will provide adherence to SLA constraints via smart algorithms for placement and relocation of services, and will allow for novel optimisation strategies of resource usage.

By: The RESERVOIR Seed Team

Published in: H-0262 in 2008


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