High Speed Network for Real-time Data Acquisition and Control with Lossless and Balanced Self-routing

        We present a gigabit network architecture for interconnecting the on-line and off-line data acquisition and processing farms for future detector facilities at the SSC (Superconducting Super Collider). In our solution we concentrate on how to interconnect the front-end (ADCs and level 1&2 triggers) with the on-line (real-time) computer farm. We propose that the solution be extended into the off-line data processing and mass-storage. As a result, this solution provides a single uniform structure which will simplify the overall system.

By: Yoram Ofek and Steve Hicks

Published in: Proceedings of the Symposium on Detector Research and Development for the Superconducting Super Collider, ed. by T. Dombeck. , Singapore, World Scientific, p.475-8 in 1990

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