Understanding Common-Mode Noise on Wide Data-Buses

This paper discusses the effects of the frequency-dependent losses in the reference return path for wide, on-chip data buses, that must be understood in order to accurately predict the interaction and summation of crosstalk and common-mode noise signals. This interaction can generate excessive noise for on-chip global interconnections. Measured and simulated results are shown for representative 8-12 line couplings and circuit-synthesis techniques are shown to capture the correct R(f)L(f)C behavior of the reference series impedance.

By: Alina Deutsch, Howard H. Smith, Gerard V. Kopcsay, Byron L. Krauter, Christopher W. Surovic, Ibrahim M. Elfadel, David J. Widiger

Published in: Electrical Performance of Electrical Packaging. Piscataway, NJ, , IEEE. , p.309-12 in 2003

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