A More Flexible Algorithm for Two Dimensional Guillotine Cutting Stock Problem

In this paper, we present a novel algorithm for two dimensional guillotine cutting stock problem with application to plate design in steel industry. The algorithm is based on Column Generation idea developed by Gilmore and Gomory. In order to apply Column Generation methodology to our problem and make the algorithm more flexible, we propose a new pricing heuristic which generates feasible guillotine cutting patterns by Wang's algorithm. The main features of the algorithm are (1) it can solve the problems whose stock sizes are uncertain (variables) (2) it is independent of the definition of feasible patterns except for guillotine cutting constraint. The flexibility of the algorithm enables its broader applications to practical problems e.g. plate design in steel industry etc.The computational results show the effectiveness of the algorithm. NOTE: Submitted to ESA2005.

By: Toshinari Itoko and Kaiyang Yang

Published in: RT0606 in 2007


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