A C-Band Monolithic Silicon-Bipolar Low-Power Low-IF WLAN Receiver

This paper presents the design, implementation and measurements of a monolithic low-IF receiver compliant with the main 5 GHz WLAN standards. It consist of a low-noise preamplifier that is simultaneously noise and power matched to the RF source, two matched active single-balanced mixers and two polyphase filters used to generate LO quadrature signals and provide image rejection. Realized in a 47 GHz-f(t) commercial BiCMOS technology the circuit exhibits 25 dB of conversion gain, 35 dB of IRR, 8.9 dB of NF, -12.5 dBm and -19 dBm of iIP(3)3 and P(1 dB) respectively. To the knowledge of the authors this is the first monolithic implementation of a low-IF C-band receiver achieving sufficient IRR over the three U-NII bands. Power consumption is 19 mW.

By: Corrado Carta, Martin Schmatz, Rolf Vogt and Werner Baechtold

Published in: RZ3532 in 2004


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