Network Distance Based Coordinate Systems for P2P Multimedia Streaming

Network distance estimation through Euclidean embedding of Internet hosts has been extensively studied as a scalable approach. In this method, each Internet host is assigned a computed co-ordinate where the distance between any two arbitrary hosts is approximated by their Euclidean distance. In this paper, we investigate whether such co-ordinate based method can be leveraged in designing efficient overlay based routing path for peer-to-peer streaming. Specifically we explore the usage of co-ordinate based estimation with well known Delaunay Triangulation (DT) based routing path design for peer-to-peer streaming. We devise algorithms for this combined approach that we refer as e-DT.

Using real measurement data sets, we show that e-DT improves the overlay based routing significantly over purely DT based approach. The comparison with other well known overlay based routing approaches indicates that e-DT is able to construct similar overlay paths with smaller average forwarding degree requirements at each peering node. In addition, e-DT can support both point-to-multi point and multi point to multi point streaming requirements.

By: Sanghwan Lee; Sambit Sahu

Published in: IEEE/IFIP Network Operations and Management Symposium (NOMS 2010)Piscataway, NJ, IEEE, p.793-6 in 2010

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