System and Analytics for Continuously Assessing Transport Systems from Sparse and Noisy Observations: Case Study in Dublin

This paper describes our implementation of an Intelligent Transportation System, built for the road administration authority at Dublin City Council. The system is able to ingest data from different sources, while providing updated speed and traffic flow measurements, travel time estimates and statistical aggregations of current traffic conditions in real-time to the user. The application is powered by IBM Infosphere Streams, which enables it to easily scale to hundreds of thousands of data points processed per second, while maintaining sub-second delay from data acquisition to delivery. In this work we provide an overview of the analytics and the application architecture used to deliver the required capabilities

By: L. Gasparini; E. Bouillet; F. Calabrese; O. Verscheure; Brendan O'Brien; Maggie O'Donnell

Published in: RC25258 in 2012


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