Layout Group Extraction from Web Content for Effective Adaptation

These days, people access the Web by using various devices and
methods, such as PDAs, cellular phones, and voice-based browsers.
However, most Web content is designed for desktop computers.
Therefore, already-existing Web content should be transcoded to be
suitable for each access device and method. For this purpose, some
annotation-based transcoding systems have been developed. An
annotation is additional information of Web content, and effective
adaptation can be achieved by using it. One of the most difficult
problems of annotation is the cost of annotating Web content. Many
popular sites, such as news sites, have a large number of Web pages
and add new content continually. Hence, it is almost impossible to
annotate all of the content in these sites. To solve this problem, we
introduce a method to extract common layouts from Web pages. We focus
on the structure and characteristics of particular HTML tags that
affect the layout of Web pages. Our method calculates the distance
between Web pages using this method. When the distance is below the
threshold, these pages can be considered as the same layout pages. By
using this method, a certain annotation can be applied to any Web
pages that have the same layout. Therefore, the cost of adaptation
will be reduced.

By: Kentarou Fukuda, Hironobu Takagi, Junji Maeda and Chieko Asakawa

Published in: RT0493 in 2007


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