Anisotropy Properties of High-Tc Microcrystals by a Miniaturized Torquemeter

The torquemeter is an ideal tool to investigate the pinning and anisotropy properties of high-Tc superconductors. For this purpose we have developed a miniaturized torquemeter based on Si piezoresistive cantilevers with a high sensitivity of Delta tau simeq 10**(-14) Nm. Magnetic moments as small as m ~ 10**(-14) Am2 can be measured in a field of 1 T on microcrystals of mass </= 1 ug. Angular torque data on Hg(1)Ba(2)Ca(3)Cu(4)O(10) are presented.

By: C. Rossel, P. Bauer, D. Zech (Univ. Zurich, Switz.), J. Hofer (Univ. Zurich, Switz.), M. Willemin (Univ. Zurich, Switz.), H. Keller (Univ. Zurich, Switz.) and J. Karpinski (ETH Zurich, Switz.)

Published in: Proceedings of 10th Anniversary HTS Workshop on Physics, Materials and Applications, Houston, TX, ed. by B. Batlogg, C.W. Chu, W.K. Chu, D.U. Gubser and K.A. Müller. , Singapore, World Scientific, p.37-80 in 1996

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