Architecture and Communication of an Electric Vehicle Virtual Power Plant

This paper outlines an architecture of an electric vehicle (EV) based vehicle-to-grid (V2G) integrating virtual power plant (VPP). The overall system architecture, a sketch of the tripprediction algorithm, and the associated optimization problem are provided. The communication requirements for our proposed architecture, with emphasis on its reliability, responsiveness, security, and application-level behavior are derived. We propose extensive use of well-known, standardized, communication protocols between EVs and the centralized VPP to transmit status and trip information from EVs to the VPP as well as to control the charging process of EVs.
Keywords: Sundstrom, Sundstroem

By: Bernhard Jansen, Carl Binding, Olle Sundström, Dieter Gantenbein

Published in: Proc. 1st IEEE Int'l Conf. on Smart Grid Communications "IEEE SmartGridComm 2010," Gaithersburg, MDPiscataway, NJ, IEEE, p.149-154 in 2010

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