TimeBank Evolution as a Community Resource for TimeML Parsing

TimeBank is the only reference corpus for TimeML, an expressive language for annotating complex temporal information. It is a rich resource for a broad range of research into various aspects of the expression of time and temporally related events. This paper traces the development of TimeBank from its initial—and somewhat noisy—version (1.1) to a substantially revised release (1.2), now available via the Linguistic Data Consortium. The development path is motivated by the encouraging empirical results of TimeML-compliant annotators developed on the basis of TimeBank 1.1, and is informed by a detailed study of the characteristics of that initial release, which guides a clean-up process turning TimeBank 1.2 into a consistent and robust community resource.

By: Branimir Boguraev; James Pustejovsky; Rie Ando; Marc Verhagen

Published in: Language Resources and Evaluation, volume 41, (no 191-115), pages in 2007

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