Separation of Duties as a Service

We introduce the concept of Separation of Duties (SoD) as a Service, a new approach to enforce SoD requirements on workows and thereby prevent fraud and errors. SoD as a Service facilitates a separation of concern between business experts and security professionals. Moreover, it allows enterprises to address the need for internal controls and to quickly adapt to organizational, regulatory, and technological changes, which are common characteristics of today's dynamic business environments. We describe our implementation of SoD as a Service, which extends a widespread, commercial workow system. We validate our approach and implementation with a realistic case study, a drug dispensation workow deployed in a hospital.

A shortened version of this paper has appeared in: Proc. 6th ACM Symp. on Information, Computer and Communications Security "ASIACCS'11," Hong Kong (ACM, March 2011) 423-429.

By: Samuel J. Burri, Günter Karjoth, David Basin

Published in: RZ3784 in 2010


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