MPI on BlueGene/L: Designing an Efficient General Purpose Messaging Solution for a Large Cellular System

The BlueGene/L supercomputer uses system-on-a-chip integration and a highly scalable 65,536 node cellular architecture to deliver 360 Teraflops of peak computing power. Efficient operation of the machine requires a fast, scalable and standards compliant MPI library. Researchers at IBM
and Argonne National Labs are porting the MPICH2 library to BG/L. We present the current state of the design and project the features critical to achieving performance and scalability.

By: George Almási, Charles Archer, José G. Castaños, Manish Gupta, Xavier Martorell, José E. Moreira, William Gropp, Silvius Rus, Brian Toonen

Published in: RC22851 in 2003


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