Industry Operations Architecture for Business Process Model Collections

The absence of a holistic industry-centric architecture for processes is an important BPM shortfall that impacts model collections. This paper introduces a Componentized Industry Business Architecture as a vehicle to address this gap and to make processes better integrated with other critical dimensions in organizational design. This architecture provides the foundation for a taxonomy of processes and enables process models to be created or potentially rationalized against a comprehensive framework.

Process theory and industrial organization show that processes have different structure and dynamics. However, most processes used in workflows and case management have a similar "factory" nature, i.e., production processes in the enterprise. This paper shows that not all operations that matter follow this type of behavior. The Componentized Industry Business Architecture brings large families of essential operations to the attention of BPM researchers as targets of modeling. Among these families, Oversight Processes constitute an important example and will be studied in depth.

By: Jorge L. C. Sanz, Ying Leung, Ignacio Terrizzano, Valeria Becker, Susanne Glissmann, Joseph Kramer, Guang-Jie Ren

Published in: RJ10483 in 2011


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