Organizing Pattern Libraries for ASIP Design

In this paper we propose a new method to arrange a library of application-graph patterns. Such libraries are employed in the design process for Application-Specific Instruction-set Processors (ASIPs) to find opportunities to specialize a processor instruction-set for an application domain. In current approaches, these libraries are unordered data collections. Therefore, to search a library for a specific pattern entails comparing the pattern with each entry in the library, which is O(n * p) with n the total number of operation nodes of all patterns in the library and p the size of the pattern sought.
Our new method employs identity operations to organize a library in such a way that directed search strategy with only O(d) and d smaller than or equal to p is possible. Furthermore, the organization reveals synergies between patterns for the ASIP design process and for code generation.

A summary of this paper has appeared in Proceedings of Design, Automation and Test in Europe Conference and Exhibition, ed. by G. Gielen and J. Figueras, pp. 726-727 (2004).

By: Gero Dittmann

Published in: in 2003


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