DMD Measurements and Equalization Simulations for 62.5 and 50 mu m Legacy Mutlimode Fibers at 1300 nm

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In this letter we present the results from Differential Modal Delay (DMD) measurements at 1310 nm performed over a large sample of 62.5 µm and 50 µm FDDI grade multimode fibers (MMF). We have found that the typical DMD values are in the range 0.5-1.5 ps/m, but a significant portion of measured fibers have DMD values exceeding the commonly used value of 2 ps/m. Since the expected yield at moderate (150-300m) distances of 10 Gb/s links employing legacy fibers is very poor, we have simulated equalization techniques in the receiver for the measured fiber impulse responses. We show here that both the yield and the achievable distance are significantly improved when equalization is used.

By: Aleksandar Risteski, Eric Corisch, John Ewen, Jose Tierno, Petar Pepeljugoski

Published in: IEEE Photonics Technology Letters, volume 16, (no 8), pages 1960-2 in 2004


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