Adaptive Caching Algorithms for Big Data Systems

Today’s Big Data platforms have enabled the democratization of data by allowing data sharing among various data processing frameworks and applications that run in the same platform. This data and resource sharing, combined with the fact that most applications tend to access a hot set of the data has led to the development of external, in-memory, distributed caching frameworks. In this paper, we develop online, adaptive algorithms for external caches. Our caching algorithms take into account the workload access pattern, and the cost of insertions in the external caching framework when making cache insertion and replacement decisions. We provide both a detailed simulation study as well as cluster experiments on IBM Big SQL, and show that only our adaptive algorithms perform well for different workload characteristics, are able to adapt to evolving workload access patterns, and can approach the performance observed by optimized offline solutions.

By: Avrilia Floratou, Nimrod Megiddo, Navneet Potti, Fatma Özcan, Uday Kale, Jan Schmitz-Hermes

Published in: RJ10531 in 2015


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