RC2 – A Living Lab for Cloud Computing

In this paper we present our experience in building the Research Compute Cloud (RC2), a cloud computing platform for use by the worldwide IBM Research community. Within four months of its ocial release RC2 has reached a community of 260 users spanning 18 countries, and serves on average 200 active users and 800 active VM instances per month. Besides o ering a utility computing platform across a heterogeneous pool of servers, RC2 aims at providing a living lab for experimenting with new cloud technologies and accelerating their transfer to IBM products. This paper describes our experience in designing and implementing flexible infrastructure to enable rapid integration of novel ideas while preserving the overall stability and consumability of the system.

By: Glenn Ammons, Vasanth Bala, Stefan Berger, Dilma M. Da Silva, Jim Doran, Frank Franco, Alexei Karve, Herb Lee, James A. Lindeman, Ajay Mohindra, Bob Oesterlin, Giovanni Pacifici, Dimitrios Pendarakis, Darrell Reimer, Kyung Dong Ryu, Mariusz Sabath, Xiaolan Zhang

Published in: RC24947 in 2010


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