Bias Voltage Dependene of Magnetocurrent in Magnetic Tunnel Transistors

The magnetocurrent of magnetic tunnel transistors is measured as a function of emitter/base bias voltage. A non-monotonic bias dependence is found for magnetic tunnel transistors with a GaAs collector, whereas a monotonic decrease of the magnetocurrent with bias voltage is observed for transistors with a Si collector. A model including spindependent inelastic electron scattering in the ferromagnetic base layer and strong electron scattering at the base/collector interface can well account for the experimental results. The different bias dependences of magnetic tunnel transistors with GaAs and with Si collectors is attributed to the different conduction band structures of these semiconductor collectors.

By: Xin Jiang, Sebastiaan van Dijken, Roger Wang, Stuart S. P. Parkin

Published in: Physical Review. B. Condensed Matter, volume 69, (no 1), pages No. 014413 in 2004

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