Lock Free File System (LFFS)

LFFS is a lock free distributed file system without servers or managers. It makes use of techniques from shared memory field to overcome distributed locking and fault tolerance problems. These
techniques allow the file system to scale to petabytes of data and to a theoretically unlimited number of clients. The system is built on top of a set of independent disks with enhanced functionality called {\it Object Based Storage Devices} (OBSD). The novelties presented in this work are: 1) the use of Read-Modify-Write operations in storage systems for synchronization purposes, 2) the introduction and use of a light-weight variation of the Load-Linked Store-Conditional operation, provided by the OBSD, and 3) the design of a file system using the above techniques. A prototype of LFFS is currently being implemented.

By: Edya Ladan, Ohad Rodeh, Dan Touitou

Published in: H-0177 in 2003


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