High Performance Parallel Implementations of the NAS Kernel Benchmarks on the IBM SP2

Recently, researchers at NASA Ames have defined a set of computational benchmarks designed to measure the performance of parallel supercomputers. In this paper, we describe the parallel implemenation of the five kernel benchmarks from this suite on the IBM SP2*, a scalable, distributed memory parallel computer. High-peformance implementations of these kernels have been obtained by mapping the computation of these kernels to the underlying architecture of the SP2 machine. Performance results for the SP2 are compared with publicly available results for other high-performance computers. (ScalParSys)

By: R.C. Agarwal, B. Alpern, L. Carter (Univ. of CA at San Diego), F. Gustavson, M. Zubair, D. Klepacki (IBM Kingston) and R. Lawrence

Published in: IBM Systems Journal, volume 34, (no 2), pages 263-72 in 1995

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