Papers from the 12th Advanced Summer School on Service-Oriented Computing (SummerSOC'18)

The 12th Advanced Summer School on Service Oriented Computing (SummerSOC’18) continued a successful series of summer schools that started in 2007, regularly attracting world-class experts in Service Oriented Computing to present state-of-the-art research during a week-long program organized in several thematic tracks: patterns and IoT, Quantum Computing, formal methods for SOC, computing in the clouds, data science, e-Health and emerging topics. The advanced summer school is regularly attended by top researchers from academia and industry as well as by PhD and graduate students. During the different sessions at SummerSOC renowned researchers gave invited tutorials on subjects from the themes mentioned above. The afternoon sessions were also dedicated to original research contributions in these areas: these contributions have been submitted in advance as papers that had been peerreviewed. Accepted papers were presented during SummerSOC and during the poster session. Furthermore, PhD students had been invited based on prior submitted and reviewed extended abstracts to present the progress on their theses and to discuss it during poster sessions. Some of these posters have been invited to be extended as a full paper, which are included in this technical report. Also, this year the “Christos Nikolaou Memorial Ph.D. Award” to honor Prof. Christos Nikolaou’s career-long contributions in university education and research was awarded for the third time. The winner of the Christos Nikolaou Memorial Ph.D. Award is Jacopo Soldani, who presents the core ideas of his awarded thesis in this technical report too. The award is not only an honor and distinction but is associated with 2000€ for the awardee, sponsored by StartTech Ventures.

By: Johanna Barzen, Rania Khalaf, Frank Leymann, Bernhard Mitschang, Editors

Published in: RC25681 in 2018


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