Building Energy Performance Analytics on Cloud as a Service

Saving energy, improving energy efficiency and reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions are among the most important initiatives in today’s world. Occupied buildings consume a substantial amount of energy; mounting to about 40% of overall energy consumption in most countries. The majority of the world’s population either lives or works in buildings; therefore, everybody has a responsibility and a role to play in reducing energy consumption, controlling GHG emissions, and mitigating climate change and its potential impact. We developed an analytical tool which can assist building owners, facility managers, operators and tenants of buildings in assessing, benchmarking, diagnosing, tracking, forecasting, simulating and optimizing energy consumption in building portfolios. Furthermore, for greater dissemination, we have made this analytic service available on demand in a flexible cloud environment. Cloud is an efficient and effective medium to provide building energy analytics capability to various functions and people in a variety of roles in buildings without investing a substantial amount of money in hardware, software and IT infrastructure. We present results of the building energy analytics developed for New York City’s K-12 public school buildings and a commercial office building in Korea.

By: Young M. Lee, Lianjun An, Fei Liu, Raya Horesh, Young Tae Chae, Rui Zhang, Estepan Meliksetian, Pawan Chowdhary, Paul Nevill, Jane Snowdon

Published in: RC25337 in 2012


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