Developing Tightly-Coupled Applications on IBM DB2/CS Relational Database System: Methodology and Experience

We present a methodology for tightly coupling applications to the IBM DB2/CS relational database system to build high-performance data-intensive applications, without requiring any change to the DB2/CS software. Our technique utilizes user defined functions in SQL statesments in a novel way to selectively push parts of the appliction that access data records and perform computations on them into the database systems. We thus avoid one-at-a-time record retrieval from the database address space to the application address space, saving both copying and process context switching costs for each record. Our case study of tightly integrating a data minng application with the DB2/CS system shows that our approach resulted in nearly two-fold improvement in the application performance, while changes to the existing application code were minimal. (DeptK55)

By: Rakesh Agrawal and Kyuseok Shim

Published in: RJ10005 in 1996


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