Cloud Overbooking through Stochastic Admission Controller

Cloud providers apply overbooking to increase utilization of data center resources. Overbooking is associated with the risk of over-utilizing cloud resources. In this paper, we study an admission control technique that permits Cloud overbooking with bounded probability of resource over-utilization. The objective is to achieve a specified quality-of-service related to the probability of resource over-utilization in an uncertain loading condition, while maintaining high resource utilizations. Our method relies on an approximation of total resource demand generated by multiple tasks as a Beta Distribution. We perform a qualitative study to investigate the efficiency of using our method on Google Compute Cluster. We disclose empirical observations on how well the resource utilization can be estimated as Beta Distribution and we evaluate the effectiveness of the stochastic admission controller using the same data set.

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By: Merve Unuvar, Yurdaer N. Doganata, Asser N. Tantawi, Malgorzata Steinder

Published in: RC25469 in 2014


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