WSSMP: Watson Symmetric Sparse Matrix Package Users Manual: Version S.0.1a

The Watson Symmetric Sparse Matrix Package WSSMP is a robust high performance software for solving large sparse symmetric positive definite systems of linear equations on modern work-station class computers. It uses a modified version of the multifrontal algorithm [7] for sparse Cholesky factorization. The current release of WSSMP can perform any or all of the following tasks: ordering, symbolic factorization, Cholesky factorization, triangular solves, and iterative refinement. We hope to enhance the functionality in the future, such as, the inclusion of LDL(T) factorization for semidefinite and indefinite matrices. A parallel version incorporating a highly scalable sparse factorization algorithm [5,3] and parallel triangular solver [6,3] will also be released sometime in the futre. The next serial release will have a simple interface with limited options, in addition to the interface described in this manual, which is primarily aimed at sophisticated users.

By: Anshul Gupta and Fred Gustavson

Published in: RC20645 in 1996


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