EventScript: Using Regular Expressions to Program Event-Processing Agents

Large systems can be constructed out of nodes that consume and produce messages representing events. EventScript is a language for specifying the processing that is to take place at such a node. The underlying structure of an EventScript program is a regular expression for the sequence of events expected to be received. A major goal of EventScript was simplicity, so that the language would be easy to learn, efficient to execute, and easy to port to new target environments. Numerous eventprocessing examples illustrate EventScript programming techniques and the usefulness of EventScript for solving a wide variety of programming problems. We have developed a compiler, run-time environment, and testing tool for EventScript, as well as an API to facilitate the porting of EventScript to new execution environments. EventScript has been incorporated as one element of the DRIVE environment for developing, testing, deploying, and managing sensor/actuator applications.

By: Norman H. Cohen

Published in: RC24387 in 2007


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