3D CT Reconstruction on GPU using OpenGL

Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) has been traditionally designed for graphics
applications. There is recent trend in harnessing computational power offered by
GPUs for general purpose computation. Graphics hardware and driver do not expose general purpose programming language like C to the programmer. So, mapping a given computational task to GPUs requires expressing the task in terms of programming model exposed by GPUs. There has been recent efforts to expose languages like CUDA (Compute Unified Device Architecture) [12] which
are more tuned towards harnessing GPUs for general purpose computation. However, traditional graphics oriented APIs like OpenGL [11] for general purpose
computation using GPUs remain popular for portability reasons. Using APIs like
OpenGL for doing general purpose compution on GPUs is challenging and necessitates exploration of several optimization techniques. This report discusses our experience of implementing two algorithms for 3D CT reconstruction on GPUs using OpenGL.

By: Monu Kedia and Yogish Sabharwal

Published in: RI11003 in 2011


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