Pairing Symmetry in Single-Layer Tetragonal Tl(2)Ba(2)CuO(6+delta) from In-Plane Torque Anisotropy

The in-plane torque anisotropy of the high-Tc cuprate Tl(2)Ba(2)CuO(6+delta) gives evidence of a mixed s+d pairing state allowed by the possible breaking of its tetragonal symmetry at low temperature. The validity of our resu lt is supported by the absence of any in-plane anisotropy in the classical superconductors NbN and the layered 2H-NbSe(2) measured under the same conditions.

By: C. Rossel, M. Willemin, J. Hofer, H. Keller (Univ. Zurich, Switz.), Z. F. Ren (SUNY Buffalo) and J. H. Wang (SUNY Buffalo)

Published in: Physica C, volume 282-287, (no ), pages 136-9 in 1997

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