Simulating whole city traffic with millions of multiple vehicle agents

Simulating large city traffic in microscopic is one of the fundamental technology to understand the nature of urban traffic. Also, nowadays, it is recognized that the variousness of driver behaviors plays an important role in overall traffic. In order to provide an experimental environment to simulate large city traffic with multiple driver behaviors, we designed and developed a large-scale microscopic traffic simulator that simulates traffic of millions of vehicles. We adopt multi-agent simulation framework and have developed the traffic simulator based on a Java-based massive agent-based simulation platform, ZASE. We have so designed the simulator that users can execute traffic simulation by varying driver models and by varying the mixture ratio of the driver models.
We apply the traffic simulator to two road networks, a bottleneck road and a road network of the Kyoto city. Our agent-based traffic simulator is found to reproduce the fundamental characteristics of traffic flow, the $q$-$\rho$ fundamental relation with metastable state. We carry out a simulation of the Kyoto-city road network of 32 thousand links and 22 thousand nodes with 0.89 millions of vehicles.
In this paper, we clarify the design of the large-scale agent-based traffic simulator and discuss simulation results.

By: S. Kato, G. Yamamoto, H. Mizuta, H. Tal

Published in: RT0759 in 2009


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