Malleable Scheduling for Flows of MapReduce Jobs

We consider the problem of scheduling MapReduce workloads. A workload consists of multiple independent flows, and each flow is itself a set of MapReduce jobs with precedence constraints. We model this as a parallel scheduling problem [5, 9], more specifically as precedence constrained malleable scheduling with linear speedup and processor maxima. Each flow is associated with an arbitrary cost function that describes the cost incurred for completing the flow at a particular time. The overall objective is to minimize either the total cost (minisum) or the maximum cost (minimax) of the flows. We use resource augmentation analysis to provide a (2, 3) bicriteria approximation algorithm for general minisum objectives, and a (1, 2) bicriteria approximation algorithm for minimax objectives. We note that (unless P=NP) no finite approximation ratio is possible without resource augmentation. As corollaries of these results, we obtain a 6-approximation algorithm for total weighted completion time (and thus average completion time and average stretch), and a 2-approximation algorithm for maximum weighted completion time (and thus makespan and maximum stretch).

We also demonstrate via extensive simulation experiments the overall performance of our algorithms relative to optimal and also relative to other, standard MapReduce scheduling schemes.

By: Andrey Balmin, Kirsten Hildrum, Viswanath Nagarajan, Joel Wolf

Published in: RC25364 in 2013


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