Thermal Analysis Using a Micromechanical Calorimeter

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A fast and extremely sensitive method for reversible thermal analysis of picoliter volumes of solid samples is presented. Using a micromechanical calorimeter based on the deflection of a bimetallic cantilever, enthalpy changes at phase transitions in n-alkanes (paraffins) are determined. The key role of volume changes associated with phase transitions are discussed together with a method to separate thermal and volume-induced stresses associated with these phase transitions.

By: R. Berger (Univ. of Basel, Switz.), Ch. Gerber, J. K. Gimzewski, E. Meyer (Univ. of Basel, Switz.) and H. J. Guentherodt (Univ. of Basel, Switz.)

Published in: Applied Physics Letters, volume 69, (no 1), pages 40-2 in 1996

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