High Resolution DMD Measurement Set-up for 850-nm Laser-Optimised Graded Index Multimode Optical Fibres Characterisation: A Comparison

The results of Differential Mode Delay (DMD) measurements using three different measurement set-ups have been compared in a three partner inter-company round robin. The tested fibres included twelve 850-nm laser-optimised, 50 µm core diameter graded index multimode optical fibres designed for 10 Gigabit Ethernet applications. The measurement results show on average good agreement for fibres with moderate DMD values. From the detailed comparison of the results improvement issues were derived which have been used for further up-grading of the set-ups to measure low DMD fibres.

By: F. J. Achten, T. Boone, P. Pepeljugoski, C. Brokke, P. Pleunis

Published in: RC23050 in 2004


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