Elastic Strain Relaxation in Free-Standing SiGe/Si Structures

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We have investigated elastic strain relaxation, i.e. strain relaxation without the introduction of dislocations or other defects, in free-standing SiGe/Si structures. We first fabricated free-standing Si layers supported at a single point by an SiO2 pedestal and subsequently grew an epitaxial SiGe layer. The measured strain relaxation of the SiGe layer agrees well with that calculated using a force-balance model for strain sharing between the SiGe and strained Si layers. We report strained Si layers with biaxial tensile strain equal to 0.007 and 0.012.

By: P. M. Mooney, G. M. Cohen, J. O. Chu, C. E. Murray

Published in: Applied Physics Letters, volume 84, (no 7), pages 1093-5 in 2004


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