Content Immutable Storage: Truly Trustworthy and Cost-Effective Storage for Electronic Records

Maintaining trustworthy records is essential for an organization to function effectively. In this white paper, we analyze what is required of the storage system to affordably enable trustworthy electronic record keeping. We note that the traditional approach of storing electronic records on WORM optical storage is no longer practical given the large and growing volume of records that have to be stored and managed today. Furthermore, the products that have recently been introduced to overcome the deficiencies of WORM optical storage fail to offer adequate protection against record tampering. Therefore, in this paper we introduce the concept of Content Immutable Storage (CIS), storage designed specifically to satisfy all of today’s electronic record-keeping needs. CIS provides secure data immutability to robustly protect records from any modification, online or nearline accessibility to ensure that records can be stored and retrieved in a timely fashion, and a low total cost of ownership.

By: Windsor W. Hsu; Lan Huang; Shauchi Ong

Published in: RJ10332 in 2004


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