Integrated Stochastic Resource Planning of Human Capital Supply Chains

In this paper, we present a suite of innovative operations research models and methods, called OnTheMark (OTM); this suite supports the effective management of human capital supply chains by addressing distinct features of human talent, which cannot be handled via traditional supply chain management. OTM consists of novel solutions for: (1) statistical forecasting of demand and human capital requirements; (2) risk-based stochastic human-talent capacity planning; (3) stochastic modeling and optimization (control) of human capital supply evolutionary dynamics over time; (4) optimal multiskill supply-demand matching; and (5) stochastic optimization of business decisions and investments to manage human capital shortages and overages. The OTM suite was developed and deployed as an important part of the human capital management and planning process within IBM, providing support for decision making to drive better business performance. This is achieved through important contributions in the areas of stochastic models and optimization (control), and the innovative application and integration of these models and methods in human capital management applications.

By: Heng Cao, Jianying Hu, Chen Jiang, Tarun Kumar, Ta-Hsin Li, Yang Liu, Yingdong Lu, Shilpa Mahatma, Aleksandra Mojsilovic, Mayank Sharma, Mark S. Squillante, Yichong Yu

Published in: RC25238 in 2011


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