Thousands of Micro-Cantilevers for Highly Parallel and Ultra-dense Probe Data Storage

Probe-based data storage offers great potential for ultrahigh or even atomic-level storage density. The bit area of the currently achieved 1 Tb/in2 is still orders of magnitude larger than ultimate atomic density, leaving considerable room for improvement. The high areal storage density and small form factor make this approach very attractive as a potential future storage technology in mobile applications, offering several gigabyte capacity and low power consumption at megabyte per second data rates.

By: M. Despont, T. Altebaeumer, P. Bächtold, G. K. Binnig, G. Cherubini, U. Drechsler, U. Dürig, E. Eleftheriou, B. Gotsmann, W. Häberle, C. Hagleitner, D. Jubin, M.A. Lantz, A. Pantazi, H. Pozidis, H. Rothuizen, R. Stutz, P. Vettiger, D. Wiesmann, and J. Windeln

Published in: RZ3558 in 2004


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