Case Study: CFI-enabled Application Development Leveraging Community Resource

The abundant development resource in open community is promising to be a flexible and effective approach for relieving the enterprise’s IT resource shortage. CFI (Call-For-Implementation) development method is proposed to facilitate leveraging open community resources in commercial application development by addressing the specific challenges: how to divide the whole implementation task into many smaller pieces so that each community developer can conveniently work on one piece and how to prevent the community developer from learning key knowledge embedded in the to-be implemented application. This paper reports our study on applying the CFI development method to a SOA application. The hypothesis to be validated in the study, the experiment approach, the data collected during the study and the result analysis are presented. Also problems to-be further explored are discussed.

By: Xin Zhou; Ying Liu; Hui Su; Xin Zhang

Published in: RC24464 in 2008


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