SOI Series MOSFET for Embedded High Voltage Applications and Soft-Error Immunity

We demonstrate a simple and novel scheme to achieve high drain breakdown voltage (BV) in a high-speed silicon-on-insulator (SOI) logic technology. In an SOI device with two FETs in series, the common floating node provides a negative feedback that limits the increase of avalanche current. This unique property of SOI provides a way to enhance the breakdown voltage by simply adding more devices in series. Data from 45nm SOI technology show BV>6.5V for two-NFET in series, and BV>10V for three and four-FET in series. Other benefits of SOI series device include >300% reduction in stand-by leakage current and soft-error immunity as compared to a single SOI device. Our result suggests the prospect of integrating high-voltage functions on SOI-based technologies with little or no additional cost.

By: Jin Cai; Tak Ning; Philip Oldiges; Anthony Chou; Arvind Kumar; Werner Rausch; Wilfried Haensch; Ghavam Shahidi

Published in: RC24545 in 2008


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