WideBridge: Adaptation of Programming Models from the Linux Kernel to the PowerNP

We developed a prototype called WideBridge that dynamically transforms Linux TC (traffic control) commands into PowerNP APIs calls using the kernel netlink interface. In this report, we first describe the Linux TC and PowerNP models used as well as the generic model used by our function. Then, we describe how WideBridge was implemented and tested for typical DiffServ edge and core routers scenarios. WideBridge makes it particularly easy for Linux developers to start using the PowerNP. WideBridge will also serve in the ForCES context (IETF effort to decouple forwarding elements from control elements), as the means to perform the equivalent of "impedance matching" between a control
point and a network processor (NP).

By: Mohit Gupta and Robert Haas

Published in: RZ3477 in 2003


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