ReCon: A Tool to Recommend Dynamic Server Consolidation in Multi-Cluster Data Centers

Renewed focus on virtualization technologies and increased awareness about management and power costs of running under-utilized servers has spurred interest in consolidating existing applications on fewer number of servers in the data center. The ability to migrate virtual machines dynamically between physical servers in real-time has also added a dynamic aspect to consolidation. However, there is a lack of planning tools that can analyze historical data collected from an existing environment and compute the potential benefits of server consolidation especially in the dynamic setting. In this paper we describe such a consolidation recommendation tool, called ReCon. Recon takes static and dynamic costs of given servers, the costs of VM migration, the historical resource consumption data from the existing environment and provides an optimal dynamic plan of VM to physical server mapping over time. We also present the results of applying the tool on historical data obtained from a large production environment.

By: Sameep Mehta, Anindya Neogi

Published in: RI07006 in 2007


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