Proceedings of the IBM PhD Student Symposium at ICSOC 2005

In the last few years a paradigm shift in distributed computing could be witnessed. Service Oriented Computing has paved the way to changes in the design, architecture, delivery, and use of software applications. Services are defined as autonomous platform independent software elements which can be used to collaborate as distributed applications especially across organizational boundaries. They can be described, published, discovered, orchestrated, and programmed using standard protocols.

A promising way to realize the idea of Service Oriented Computing are Web Services. These services are designed for the implementation of business processes within a distributed computing environment and are based on a set of evolving standards.

In order to allow for PhD students to get involved into the current developments in the area of Service Oriented Computing and Web Services, the IBM PhD Student Symposium provides a forum for the presentation of PhD theses. PhD students get the opportunity to present and discuss the current status of their work in order to receive valuable feedback.

The focus of the IBM PhD Student Symposium is aligned to the co-located ICSOC conference (International Conference on Service Oriented Computing). Therefore, contributions with respect to the following topics were requested in the call for papers.
– Service Information Modeling

    • Service Description
    • Service Dependency Modeling
    • SLA Modeling
– Service Configuration
    • Service Composition
    • Service Discovery
    • Service Deployment
– Service Monitoring and Management
    • Service Performance
    • Service Scheduling
    • Service Fault Management
    • SLA Management
– Services Framework
    • Service Lifecycle Management
    • Service Oriented Architectures
    • Quality of Service
    • Services and Workflow/Business Processes
    • Service Semantics
– Applying Service-Oriented Architectures
    • Theoretical Application of Services
    • Services in Grid Environments
    • Services for Peer-to-Peer Applications
    • Security and Privacy Issues with respect to Services

The review of each submission has been performed by two renowned experts in the area with respect to innovativeness and contribution, relevance to call for papers, technical content, paper organization and presentation, reference to related work, and overall recommendation.

By: Andreas Hanemann

Published in: RC23826 in 2005


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