Tracking Results from Multichannel Marketing Programs on Electronic Commerce

Internet based marketing programs have become critically important to many businesses, and at the same time more technologically advanced. If a business practices multiple types of Web marketing tactics, sells multiple brands, and manages multiple online stores, then supporting campaigns and even distinguishing independent results become even more complex. For example, an affiliate marketing program requires sales tracking capabilities for determining which affiliate partners are
responsible for specific sales, and ultimately this determines resulting commissions earned. There are other instances where merchants are required to track sales originating from each of their online stores, product categories and product divisions for future sales and marketing strategies. There are growing needs and dependencies for market tracking technologies and solutions that can systemically monitor sales and leads from different marketing programs within a multichannel environment. On this basis, the performance of each marketing program can be tracked and evaluated.

By: Thomas Y. Kwok, Thao N. Nguyen, Linh H. Lam, Casey L. Gentry, Mark H. Woodmansee

Published in: Proceedings of the 4th ACM Conference on Electronic Commerce. , ACM. , p.260-1 in 2003

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