Experimental and Theoretical Studies of Bump Formation During Laser Texturing of Ni-P Disk Substrates

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We provide here extended experimental data on the bump shape formed on Ni-P disk substrate under various laser and substrate surface conditions, and describe a model for the Sombrero-shape bump formation based on competition between thermocapillary and chemicapillary flows. This model rationalizes a large body of experimental data and provides insight into how one might tailor bump shapes to specific requirements. For comparison, laser bump formation on non-Ni-P substrates has also been studied.

By: A. C. Tam, I. K. Pour, T. Nguyen, D. Krajnovich, P. Baumgart, T. Bennett (Univ. of CA at Berkeley) and C. Grigoropoulos (Univ. of CA at Berkeley)

Published in: IEEE Transactions on Magnetics, volume 32, (no 5), pages 3771-3 in 1996

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